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Eric LeGrand – Hope he is able to walk again

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Eric LeGrandBy now you may have heard about the Rutgers football player, Eric LeGrand who suffered a spinal cord injury Saturday during his game against Army. For those who didn’t see the play, it was difficult to watch. Immediately you knew it was bad. Knowing a good friend of mine who is parlayed we had a conversation and the only thing he said to me was Methylprednisolone. He probably didn’t pronounce it correctly. Apparently my friend was not able to get this treatment soon enough but said this could be the difference in his recovery. Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills, you remember him in 2007? He suffered a spinal cord injury and today leads a fairly normal life. He has had several surgery’s to help deal with the pain but he can walk and now Kevin is a public speaker. Lets hope Eric is able to recover and walk again. Keep him in your thoughts and pray for him.