Michael Vick’s birthday party

There was much action during NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s birthday party last week, with a shooting incident occurring outside the restaurant. Michael Vick is the backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Guadalajara, the restaurant bar in Virginia Beach where Michael Vick’s party was held, turned over to the local police the surveillance video that they were able to take of the shooting. According to Allen Fabijan, the spokesperson of Guadalajara, there were no incidents that occurred inside the restaurant nor were there any security issues inside. Also, nobody was ejected from the restaurant before the shooting incident happened. Fabijan declined to say anything about a report published in the Daily Press, wherein he said that Vick and his group left the restaurant three minutes prior to the incident. For now, his only statement is that the surveillance video was already submitted to the police.

Lawrence Woodruff, Michael Vick’s attorney, defended Vick, saying he left the restaurant before the shooting happened. According to him, his client was not involved in the shooting, does not know anybody involved in it, and was “long gone” when the incident happened.

The shooting incident happened at around 2:10 in the early morning, according to the police report. The restaurant closed that night at around 1:45 am.

A victim in the shooting allegedly received a wound in the leg and was treated at a local hospital. The victim was released last Friday. However, the police have failed to identify who the victim was. The Associated Press, however, reported that Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant of Michael Vick in a 2007 case, was treated at the said hospital during that time. Quanis Phillips was involved in a dogfighting case in 2007, which resulted in guilty pleas. Michael Vicks served a prison term for the said case.

Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated Michael Vick to the league last season, but placed him on probation for three years after he was released from custody. One of the requirements for his probation is that he should not associate himself with felons. Part of the stipulation to his NFL reinstatement is that he should fulfill all the terms included in his probation.

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  1. Real Estate Investments Says:

    Sounds like he wasn’t involved with anything after the investigation was completed but man he needs to really be careful and make the most of this 2ND opportunity. Most people never have a 2nd opportunity like he does and he really seems to be making the most of it now as an Eagle!

  2. Odell Zia Says:

    I am very much hoping that Michael Vick’s injury isn’t too bad. He’s done incredible things for the Philadelphia Eagles this season.

  3. Real Estate Investments Says:

    Yes me to, I think Vick has done w a great job.

  4. Bill Ripkin Says:

    I usually don’t normally post on many Blogs, nevertheless I just wanted to say nice post. Keep up the amazing work.

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